Monday, March 11, 2013


By: Jessica Brault

Hi, I’m Peter parker. I’m that guy that no one really cares about and gets ignored. I live with my aunt in New York. My uncle got shot and passed away right in front of me. Out of all the things that could’ve happened..I had to get bitten by a spider and be able to shoot spider webs from my wrist. Crazy I know. But it really doesn’t surprise me. They call me Spider-Man.
             I woke up with the heat of the sunlight on my face. Turning my head to look at the alarm clock I noticed it was 7:30. I’m late for school! If I’m late again I’ll get detention. I rushed out of bed, brushing my teeth and putting my clothes on. I ran out the door trying to get to school before the final bell rang. I gave up and decided to take the shortcut... I went into a dark alley and jumped up crawling on the side of a building. I reached the top and full on started sprinting jumping from building to building. “I’m almost there,” I thought. I jumped down from one building and ran for the school doors, I got inside just in time. Slowly walking to History, out of breath starting my school day.
           After school I was walking home and I heard the police sirens wailing in my ears. I turned around to see what was happening. The police were surrounding this tall building. What’s going on? So many people were running towards me trying to get away. Ripping my clothes off I got into my suit and pulled my mask over my head. I jumped over the cop cars and went into the building. It was this huge red beast with razor sharp teeth and these wire like things coming out of its back with a snake like tounge. He was somewhat similar to how I look. Then another one just ran into the room charging at me. This one was black. Who made them!? They clearly weren’t human. I dodged passed it and punched it in the face so hard it made my hand throb. He screeched at me when the red one started to run at me as well. It hit into me smacking me into the wall. I fell down to the ground in pain. I blacked out a little then opened my eyes again and they were gone.
            I got up and looked around looking for anything to hint to me where they are. I couldn’t find anything but I know that they will show up again any day now. I went home and immediately walked up to my room. I sat down on my bed thinking about what happened. I grew tired and rested my eyes and fell asleep. My dream was so vivid. All I saw were the two huge beasts. Something was whispering around saying “Carnage” and “Venom”. I shot straight up in bed. I knew their names! I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.
           Its the weekend now, I have two days to look for them before they find me first. I did my daily routine of helping with my aunt running errands and we got groceries. Not a sign of them that day
It’s Sunday now and I was in the living room watching TV on the couch. Something came on, the news reporter was saying, “Theres something in central park that’s very dangerous and will injure anything that comes in it’s way, it has to be stopped.” My face flushed getting more and more worried. I was the only one who could stop it. Someone could get killed. I went back to my room and jumped out my window heading to central park.
             I saw Venom and Carnage in the park I swang right down into them hitting them in the chest. They fell down as i got down and crouched ready to fight. How do I kill them? They swung at me with their huge claws as they scratched across my arm. I started flying webs at Venom and tying him up. He couldn’t get out of it! It was working. He kept struggling and screeching. But nothing worked. He then just turned into a person. I’m so confused. I then looked at Carnage and hes trying to get away tossing everything out of its way. Running and jumping on his back i started wrapping him with webs too. After i got him all tied up he turned into a human as well. They were Cletus Kasady and Kasady.
           The police came over and put them in the cruiser and took them to prison. They thanked me once again for saving the day and I’ve never heard of them since.


  1. First off.....OH MY GOD!! amazing!!
    1)The conflict was Carnage and Venom, it was external.

    2)Peter Parker/Spider-man change through-out the story knowledge wise, he meets new villains and captures them.

    3) my Favorite part was when spider-man met Carnage and Venom for the first time, i'd say that was the climax of the story :)

    4)The story arc was the best quality, they whole thing was great, but that standed out the most.

    5)Theme....i'd say fiction or adventure

    6)hmm idk know what you should revise its sounds like its all pretty good! :) good job!!

  2. 1. The conflict was Carnage and Venom fighting.

    2. Spider-man changed through-out the story. He gained knowledge of different ways he could beat the villains.

    3. My favorite part of your story was the fighting. It was the falling action.

    4. The best quality of your story was detail.

    5. The theme is Action

    6. You should add more dialogue. (=

  3. 1.) The conflict is, carnage and venom fighting.
    2.) Spiderman changed throughout the story because he was bitten by the spider and transformed into spiderman.
    3.) My favorite part was the fighting.
    4.) The theme is action
    5.) I don`t think you need anything to revise.